Pittsburg 2001 Close-Up

Faire Dates: August 11 & 12, 2001

Year faire was set in: 1565-1566

Noteable Characters: Queen Mary of Scotland (and of course his majesty, the Queen...)

The Story: Scotland is in turmoil, the religious gap between Protestants and Catholics ever widening. Queen Mary is plagued by many intrigues and problems, from assassination attempts to treason. However, this faire is a celebratory event. The baptism of her son, Prince James Stewart VI, has brought a well needed moment's peace to Scotland. Mary has asked Queen Elizabeth to be the child's godmother, and knowing full well she can't not accept, she sends the Earl of Bedford in her stead with a present.

The battle pageant of this faire does not follow chronologically, but instead occurs prior to the baptism of the young prince. Several Protestant nobles have come to Edinburgh attempting to raise support against the queen. Instaead they find little help. The Queen, instead leads her troops against them, forcing these nobles into exile.

Review: Unfortunately, as I find quite often at faires, the story is never fully known by all of the actors. In order to better portray the period, many things would have had to change. Instead, I find myself looking at the better aspects as always. The Landsknechts were there in full glory, putting on an impressive show as always. The battle pageant was, well, uneven in many aspects.. The side that "loses" the battle largely outnumbered Queen Mary's troops. Perhaps the most amusing incident from this faire was on the second day at the battle pageant. Several soldiers were supposed to rush the field as the cannons went off and be killed by those cannon shots. As they advanced one cannon misfired, and then the second. The soldiers, reaching the "do not pass this line, or you could get really hurt" line stopped, looked at each other, and proceeded to laugh and point. Fortunately, at this point the third cannon fired "killing" the soldiers.

All in all I had a good experience at this faire.

Overall Faire Rating (1-10): 8

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