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Renaissance Faire Dress

Or, You want me to wear what??

I created this page as a resource for "how-to" instructions on the web to make renaissance garb. Originally, my hope was that this information would be as historically accurate as possible, but I have learned that the world of fantasy plays it's part among these pages as well.

Eventually, my intent is to create a portfolio of my garb creations. Unfortunately it takes time to make the garb, take the pictures, and then to get me to get off my butt and add them to this site. If you'd like to check out some of my faire creations check out my faire pics page. Now, not all of these pictures are of my creations, but quite a few of them are.

I guess my faire garb philosophy is: you can never have enough garb. A number of pieces I've created either maintain a place in my wardrobe, have been recycled into new outfits, or given to other kindly people whom I wish to enjoy faire as much as possible.

So have fun, and remember that this page will be updated as often as possible, so if you know of a link to any online patterns or Dress FAQ's drop me a line. So, let the garb games begin.

Some "How-to's":

How to Make a Muffin Cap
How to Make a Hood
How To Make a Renaissance Hat
How to Fade Fabric

A list I compiled off AFR alt.faires.renaissance of different suggestions on how to fade fabric.
Blackwork for Beginners, Redux
Posted on alt.fairs.renaissance by Lara the Lacemaker.
The Tangled Web: Garb
includes quick and easy men's pattern, and many for women.
How to Make an Elizabethan Chemise
Dawn's Costume Guide
Elizabethan Costuming Page
Leine Links:

Costume Resources & Valuable Information

Commercial Patterns for Period Use
Overview of an Elizabethan Outfit
Elizabethan Costuming Guide
Elizabethan Accessories
Elizabethan Sumptuary Laws
What Fabric Should I Use??
To Make a Beautiful Color: Period Dye Techniques
Period Pleats
La Couturiere Parisienne Costume & Fashion Site
Visit my Renaissance Costuming FAQ (Version 1.1)
Commentary on Simplicity 7756

How to make this pattern period

Coming soon....
Commentary on Simplicity "Period" Patterns