Commercial Patterns for Period Use

Simplicty Patterns

* A note, in general, regarding simplicity patterns: don't use the suggested fabrics, instead go for a more historically accurate choice.

Pattern # Description
7756 Irish Dress Pattern. For more information, See this link
8249 & 8715 Bodice & Skirt Pattern - plan to avoid the skirt with the puff, the rest seems fairly accurate.
8735 & 9228 Italian Renaissance-esque. The Ever After style dress. Pretty, but requires some changes.
8881 Not half bad Elizabethan Noblewoman's dress, probably from Shakespeare in Love. For more info on how to make this dress more period, go to this site: Simplicity Gown Review
9246 Woman's dress - good for fantasy use.
9256 Woman's dress pattern. Not too bad, avoid view B bodice. Good skirt, alright chemise pattern.
9452 Kinsale Cloak Pattern
9531 Italian Renaissance type dress
9533 Similar to a spanish surcote, but without the sleeves.
9633 Men's Henry VIII outfit. Includes doublet, venetians, and houppelande-type garment. Remember to attach the ruffs, not to the doublet, but to a separate shirt.
9650 Henry VIII short cape and surcote.
9753 Men's Monk and King - great for fantasy, The Robe could have several practical uses however.
9832 The "Queen of Hearts" dress. Has Elizabethan tendencies, but this one is almost all fantasy
9836 Girl's Renaissance Dress. Views A & B are renaissance-esque, and view C is more medieval/fantasy. Not very accurate, but passable.
9929 Tudor Era Dress - the lines seem accurate. View A tends more towards the medieval/fanatsy side.
9966 This is another renaissance-esque pattern. Seems more like a halloween costume. Avoid the skirt and headpiece. Interesting looking pouches come off more as purses to me

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