Build Your Own Biography
Who Am I?

Put on your character and fill out the form as though you were that person. (Quill pen not required.)





Social Class:______________________________________________




Their Names:___________________________

Your Town/City: _______________________________________________

Description of Your Home:______________________________________


Brothers/Sisters:______________________________________ ___________________________________________________

Friends/Acquaintances:________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

What You Eat:_______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

Entertainment?:______________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________

Character Development Questions

Some participants find it beneficial to develop a set of questions about their characters which they review prior to opening. This is much like putting on your character as you would your costume.

The following list is intended to provide some ideas you can use in developing one of your own.

1. Who am I?
2. Where am I?
3. What is my name?
4. How old am I?
5. Where do I live?
6. With whom do I live?
7. Where do I sleep?
8. What did I have for breakfast?
9. Who prepares my food?
10. How do I feel?
11. How are my parents/wife/husband/brothers/sisters/significant other?
12. Where do I work?
13. What time do I go to work?
14. How many hours a day do I work?
15. How big is my home?
16. How is my home constructed?
17. How is my home heated?
18. Who owns my home?
19. Am I able to read?
20. How do I tell the time?
21. What is my religion?
22. What am I afraid of?
23. What do I do for play?
24. How much money do I have in my pouch?
25. What am I going to buy?
26. Who made my clothing?
27. What did my clothing cost?
28. Are these my only clothes?
29. ________________________?


Your Faire name is your persona. Use your imagination and try to make it appropriate. Most choose a name having something to do with their trade or occupation, or something which they like to do. Cleverness is encouraged. A midwife may name herself Sarah Birthright, or a butcher Simon Longwurst. Or it may be a variation on your "real" (i.e. Mundane) name: a woman named Moore chose the name Bestmoore.

In general, try to avoid overly sexy or bathroom themes. "Master Bates" has been done to death, and most of the scatological names are not nearly as funny as they seem.

I got this information from the St. Cuthbert's Guild Handbook and found it helpful in developing my character..