All About Me

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Suzanne Lorraine Gordon

Sex:FemaleAstrological Sign:Sagittarius
Birthday:11/30Marital Status:I think I found him.
Height:5'5"Occupation:All around theatre type person
Hair:Depends on the day of the week.Location:Silicon Valley
Eyes:Yellowish, no, not hazel, more yellow.
Well, this is a picture of me from my senior year in high school. This is probably one of my favorite pictures of myself. I believe this is a fairly accurate picture of me, although you never know.
Well, I suppose there is a lot more to say about myself, so here it goes...

I recently graduated from University of the pacific with a bachelor's degree in music. Now that I find myself out of school, and wishing I was still in school, I got back in touch with my theatre self. After all that I am also taking night classes in paralegal studies, while trying to find a suitable job, and contemplating going back to school full-time. For what?? I have no idea, maybe my master's degree, maybe another bachelor's degree. Only time can tell.

My interests are wide and varied, although the one that, perhaps, takes up the most time would have to be renaissance faire. I work at many of the smaller faires around Northern and Central CA, and when I get the chance attend RPFN as a mundane (horror!! shock!! dismay!!). When I'm not at school, looking for a suitable job, working at a renaissance faire, or sewing garb for renaissance faire, I lead a fairly normal life (for say, those last five minutes of the day.) No, actually, I like to shoot pool with my friends, go get coffee with friends, go camping, read, etc..

Other Random Stuff About Me

Favorite Food:Good FoodFavorite Drink(non-alcoholic):Dr.Pepper
Favorite Music:Anything but RapFavorite Drink(alcoholic)Scotch - preferably the legal stuff..LOL
Favorite Actress:Jeneane Garafolo(for comedy) and Minnie DriverFavorite Actor:Jude Law
Favorite Movie:Moulin Rouge

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