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Welcome to my little corner of the web. If you stumbled across this website chances are you either a) know me, b) read my livejournal, or c) must be really bored.

I hope you noticed the brand new layout of my website. Itís been a couple of years since I changed its design. Iím in the process of a complete re-vamp of this entire website Ė this page being the first to be finished.

Since this is my homepage I imagine I ought to talk a little about who I am and what these pages are all about. Suzanne (thatís me) is a twenty-something woman living in the San Francisco Bay Area and attempting to pay off all those school loans she accumulated after four years of studying to receive a Bachelor of Music Degree (in Vocal Performance) from the University of the Pacific. She likes theatre, musical theatre, opera, classical music, science fiction, fantasy, renaissance faire, and a dozen other things. The answer to your question Ė yes, Iím a geek Ė theatre geek, music geek, ren geek, and geek in general (would that be G.I.G.?!?). This little space on the web is dedicated to bringing you more information about those things I find interesting. Why would it be about anything else???

So tell me how do you like the CSS layout?

Some pages you will find on this site: